Model VBI-360 Beam Indicator

The VBI-360 is an electronic display that connects to your RS232 serial port or existing rotor control box to show your antenna's directive pattern on a Great Circle map. As you rotate your beam its coverage is clearly indicated by a selectable group of LEDs around the map periphery.

As seen in Funkamateur Magazine (December 2010, page 1294) and QST Magazine (April 2010, Vintage Radio Column, page 94 and February 2010, page 112) and CQ Magazine (January 2009, page 73)!

Standard Products & Services: Serial & Analog input displays, Maps & Restorations for first generation displays.

Options: VBI PLUS - for SteppIR, Serial Port (RS232) interface, 90 Degree Offset Indicator


  • NOTE: The Analog VBI-360 and I2C Digital Displays are currently unavailable. Map Upgrades and Display Restorations, however, are still available. Thank you for your continued interest.
  • NEW! - I2C Digital Display connects to virtual any rotor equipped with RS232 port.
  • PstRotatorAz can now pass the position information received from your rotor to a Global Beam Display
  • Both digital & analog input displays available which allows interface with virtually any rotor.
  • GBD-Tool I2C Software Program available for download.
  • Upgrades & restorations are available for the original production of VBI-360 displays.
  • EPROM programming available.

Reviews & Testimonials

“Sent my unit in for new EPROM’s, new multi color map and a general tune-up...Needless to say it’s now better then new” - KC4PE

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